72-year-old mother arrested for killing her daughter, “I was pessimistic about the future.”

Written with extracts from The Sankei Shimbun

June 18th 2018

Kanagawa Prefectural Police of Tama Police Station arrested Kono Matsunuma (72) of Nakanojima Tama-ku Kawasaki-shi for killing the eldest daughter on Monday, killing her eldest daughter. Her daughter’s, Hiroko san (46) died of suffocation and the investigation to switch charges to homicide. According to the police, Matsunuma allegedly insisted that “My daughter had congenital heart disease and I was pessimistic about the future.”

Matsunuma is suspected of killing her but placing a towel over her mouth and nose w at around 8 p.m. on 16th, as well as beating the her with a blunt weapon multiple times.

On the afternoon of 17th, a passerby called 119 having found Matsunuma in the nearby Tama River riverbed where the suspect had collapsed. Tama officials confirmed their the fact that emergency crewmembers that they had found Hiroko lying in the bedroom. Mother and daughter were living together.

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