Almost two years after the Sagamihara stabbings, Kanagawa attempts to employ more disabled people

Written with extracts from The Yomiuri Online

The Kanagawa prefectural government announced on June 1st that it will extend the target for intellectual and mentally handicapped persons from the current fiscal year on staff recruitment exams that have been implemented for people with disabilities. The prefecture will take the initiative and take action to accept disabled people in response to the incident that occurred at welfare facility for intellectually disabled people in the Sagamihara city based “Tsukui Yamayuri-en” in 2016 that resulted in the deaths of at least 19 of its disabled residents.

In April of next year the prefecture will take in total of around 27 people in prefectural offices, public schools, staff of the prefectural police.

According to the prefectural personnel department, there are cases where intellectual / mentally handicapped persons became irregular officials in the prefecture, but the adoption of regular staff is the first time. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has expanded the qualification for hiring exams to intellectual and mentally disabled people from last year and judged that prefecture should be implemented early.

People with intellectual and mental disorders are conditioned judged to have a disability based on a medical care notebook or a mental health care and welfare notebook or a mental health care professional.

The prefecture will accept applications from August 13 this year, the first screening (writing) will be held on October 14 and the second screening (composition and interview) will be held in early November.

The prefectural personnel committee secretariat calls for the entrance examination that “motivation more than anything is important”. Job information will be posted on the prefectural website in early August.

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