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“I want an environment that anyone can reach the necessary support”

"I want a childcare not to be carried alone by one person and I want an environment that anyone can reach the necessary support"

Written with extracts from The Asahi Shimbun

May 21st 2018

Recommended hospitals or facility ranking and usage of welfare service, which can be conveyed only because a mother, Kiyoko Ando who has brought up children with disabilities. Ando has the issued the “Kurashiki child care handbook not alone” with other mothers, full of information for parents who nurture children with disabilities.

Based the my experiences of raising a daughter, her eldest (22) with autism and intellectual disability, I am thinking that “I want a childcare not to be carried alone by one person and I want an environment that anyone can reach the necessary support”

When Ando, 25 years old living in Sendai city she gave birth to the eldest daughter. The eldest daughter could not walk away from the spot for an hour if he found something to worry about, and he could not walk except on roads where sensation was too sensitive and paved. He was pointed out as “mental development delay” at the child guidance center at the age of 3.

Ando was shocked that “How was raising was bad”, I read a handbook for parents with disabilities by mothers of the same circumstances. “There is a person somewhere to think about myself, not alone.” So encouraging experience has become the starting point for making handbooks.

When my eldest daughter was 3 years and 9 months, I moved to Kurashiki City by relocation of my husband. The eldest daughter was in elementary school 2 years and received a diagnosis that there is autism and intellectual impairment in the hospital. “Even if I consulted the government office at the time, I turned around, I felt hilarious”

Psychological support through with other mothers who nurture handicapped children. I realized my trouble with real intention and shared necessary information. When my eldest daughter’s parenting settled down, I thought that “I would like to make a party that carefully attaches to each mother.”

Ando establishes a voluntary organization “parental support support” with OBs of parents’ associations who are parents of children attending special support classes at elementary and junior high schools in the city. NPO incorporated in 2014, now 9 mothers with children with disabilities in their late teens to early twenties are active as core members.

Ando interviewed Kurashiki city and high school repeatedly to create a handbook and conducted questionnaires to 1,000 mothers with disabilities. The first issue deals with information from early childhood to elementary school graduation, number 2 deals with information on the course after junior high school and junior high school graduation, as well as the method and timing of announcing the obstacle to the principal. No. 3 features a point of view unique to the parties, including the theme of ‘parental separation / separation’ for growing children to live their own way. The number of sales exceeded 7 thousand in number 1 to 3.

In April 16, the parents of disabled children in Kurashiki city opened a “rabbit cafe” where people can consult and relax. About 100 people visit the prefecture every month from outside the prefecture. “Parents seem to be adults, but child-rearing experience is the same as the age of children.” I hope it will be a society with a soft and warm atmosphere that supports tenness, not “do your best” or “do your best”

Kiyoko Ando was born in Nagoya City in 1970. Mother of two children, eldest daughter and eldest son (17). The handbook is placed in a prefecture’s bookstore etc. for 500 yen per book, and it accepts postal sale as well. The rabbit cafe (Kurashiki-shi Granoura 217-2) is open from 10 am to 3 pm on Tuesdays Thursday in principle. We offer daily lunch, parfait and coffee. For handbooks and cafes inquiries, please contact parentware support pad “Rabbit Cafe”

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