Kamakura City cosplay event is a ‘Barrier Free’ affair

From The Mainichi Shimbun

May 21st 2018

On the 20th May in Kamakura city, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, the “15th Obo Festival” was held, crowded with about 96,000 citizens and tourists. The “Fourth movie costume parade” featured was a barrier free event this time, and 20 people including wheelchair disabled went downtown along with family and volunteers.

Wheelchair using children were presented to the audience by dancing as characters such as popular game “Super Mario” and animation “Thomas the Tank Engine” and waving their hands. On the roadside, elderly people in wheelchairs in the neighborhood also showed their faces and sent cheers.

Tetsuo Kokubu who lives in Kamakura City who joined with the second daughter who uses a wheelchair, says, “For the disabled, the first step different from usual is very difficult, thanks to everyone we could take a precious first step” she looked happy. According to the NPO – Shonan barrier – free tour center which supported the parade of people with disabilities, it is said that they have already been hoped for participation next year.

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