Osaka police investigate for negligence as woman in care home dies after being burned whilst bathing

Written with extracts from The Asahi Shimbun

May 16th 2018

Osaka prefectural police said on Wednesday that a woman living in Abeno Ward, Osaka-shi Abeno-ku, suffered burns during the bathing and was burned throughout the body and then died.

Facility officials said that they failed to confirm the set temperature and the temperature seems to be about 80 degrees. The prefectural police are searching for charges of negligence and death on business.

The facility is “Group Home ‘Tink’ ‘(Nagaike Town). Residents live in a two-story house, five people were in the house at that time. According to Abeno police station, a woman entered the room after the staff put the hot water in the bathtub around 4:30 pm on the 12th. After the screams heard a staff rushed to the office, the woman was saying “hot, hot”. She was transported to a hospital but died on 15th.

The social welfare corporation that operates the facility “Japan Helen Keller Foundation” explained that the woman was trying to take a bath and her balance broke down when she put one foot on the bathtub and the other foot went into the bathtub. The temperature was set at 70-80 degrees, the woman was reported to be burned to 60% of the her body.

According to the manual of the facility, staff members were supposed to check the temperature by hand during bathing, but said they neglected confirmation.

Yoshio Nishikawa, the president of the foundation, said, “I could not do it as per the procedure, there is no choice but to make excuses.”

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