Japan Meteorological Agency to consider Sign Language ‘Disaster Warnings’ for the Deaf

Written with extracts from The Mainichi Shimbun

May 4th 2018

The Japan Meteorological Agency is considering the introduction of sign language interpretation at an emergency press conference so that people with impaired hearing can receive disaster prevention information. The JMA have already carried out some preliminary studies regarding how to send the speaker’s words as letters to the screen we set up in the future and the policy regarding this will be decided in the autumn.

In the event of a major earthquake or heavy rain, the Japan Meteorological Agency will hold a press conference at the managers and communicate necessary information through disaster prevention and evacuation calls, through television and other media. However, since it becomes a transmission by audio – by voice , visual communication needs to be harnessed to help deaf people.

The Japan Meteorological Agency found that it was possible to interpret in real time at two regular press conferences held in February

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