Work by disabled artists displayed at Fukui Ryokan

Written with extracts from The Mainichi Shimbun

April 28th 2018

An exhibition “Kurafuto Kurabu” of art created by intellectual and developmentally disabled people in Fukui prefecture, “Kaoru Flow Exhibition – Enveloped in the Green Wind ~” started at the Awazu Ryokan “Grandea Izumi” on 27th April. Seven works of poetry and paintings are raised around the lounge, and all the works are community with strength and delicacy.

Kurafuto club was founded in 2014 with the aim of helping persons with disabilities acquire skills. There are calligraphy and craft classes as well as class on the production of books, paintings, leather craft and others. In order to continue such classes a fee is paid for the work produced .

Kenzami Yamaguchi, senior managing director of the Ryokan agreed to this meaning, and this time the Kauai style was realized. We chose 7 points out of about 30 exhibited in the work exhibition in Fukui city last December.

Until May 26th. entrance is free You can watch even if you are not at the Inn. For inquiries, please visit Kurafuto Club (nemnem

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