Criminal charges to be considered by Himeji City after disabled people were allegedly abused

Written with extracts from the Kobe Shimbun

April 27th 2018

A group living aid workplace “Gurupupohmin Minoru” (Hyogo prefecture Himeji-shi) which had been allegedly abusing disabled people who were clients their care; by making them were signs that say ‘I am liar” is under investigation.

On the 27th April the Himeji city governed health and welfare general clarified that criminal charges will be considered.

According to the city, the office was operated by a welfare service company “Fruit” (president Chikako Muroi), three women with intellectual disabilities in their 20s and 30s were in the company.

The staff confiscated personal belongings such as portable music players to the residents, restricted viewing of the television with a joint responsibility and put on paper as “Please release it as it is in pajamas unless it gets up,”. The staff who did this have been suspended from work for 6 months.

In response to the voices of parliamentarians for severe punishment, the Director General of the Bureau of Health and Welfare showed the intention to consider whether criminal charges are possible, saying “I would like to consult with the related departments such as the legal department and the police.”

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