Further details emerge about disabled man kept in ‘cage’ more than 20 years in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Written with extracts From NHK Kobe & Kyodo

April 9th 2018

A man was arrested on suspicion of having imprisoned his son in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, the father was arrested, and the eldest son was found in a state in which his eyes were almost invisible when he was interviewed with the investigators concerned . The eldest son seems to have been in captivity about 25 years, at least since he was 16 years old.

The suspect, who is the victim’s father is aged 73, of Hyogo Prefecture’s Mita City was arrested in January on suspicion of confinement because he was locking his 42-year-old son in a prefab hut in his premises, and on 9th the case was sent to the prosecutors office.

The eldest son was disabled, the incident was discovered, he was protected by the facility in January, but when he visited a medical institution, one eye was blinded and the other eye is almost invisible.

The father told the city, “since my eldest son’s mental illness is rampant I put him in it 25 years ago.”

According to the police and the city, the prefab hut where the eldest son was located was in a place facing the road, connected with the house where the family lives, on the first floor balcony.

The size of the room was about 6 square meters, and the place where the eldest son was put in was almost centered.

The room was made of wood and had a length of 90 cm in length and 1.8 meters width, had only one tatami mat room size, and its height 1 meter, just enough in which to lie down. The lattices of length and breadth were attached at intervals of 20 cm.

In January, when a city official found out, the eldest son was not dressed in the lower half of the body, and the floor had a litter sheet for pets and a padlock was applied.

The air conditioner which was attached to the prefab cabin was broken, and it means that fan heater and electric fan were placed in the room.

The man who was arrested, told the city, “We had meals and bathing at home every other day for two days and got out at home. In the summer, I handed a plastic bottle containing cold water It was explained that it was explained.

A 60-year-old man who lives in the neighborhood said, “When my family moved home his wife came to greet me and said,” Because there are disabled sons, it may cause inconveniences such as making a loud voice. ” When his eldest son ‘s younger sister was an elementary school student, “My brother goes crazy at home” There was also a lot of talking about that. “

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