Bilingual support for children with developmental disorders in Nada Ward, Kobe

Written with Extracts from The Kobe Shimbun

March 27th 2018

A private facility called “Kent Center” that supports children with developmental disabilities and supports both Japanese and English families is newly fully opened on Rokko Island in Higashi Nada Ward, Kobe City.

Clinical psychologists and therapists who have experience of special assistance abroad provide learning support and care. Bilingual support facilities are unusual nationwide and it is likely to attract attention as a new place providing such facilities.

Jonathan Cole (43), established a medical consulting company management company, in Suma Ward, the same city. Thirteen years ago, he came to Japan from the US as a representative of a foreign-affiliated major pharmaceutical company. In order to make full use of the experiences that made it difficult for the elderly son of developmental disability to conduct examination and treatment in Japan, he set up a general incorporated association that will become the mother of the operation last spring. Foreign-affiliated companies often come to Japan with their families when they are in Japan.

Many people abandon leave because of the fact that support required for children is not available , because they can not continue to receive the medical treatment they had in their home countries. On the other hand, children are born after arriving in Japan and languages ​​are different, so there are some circumstances that it is difficult to receive an examination to investigate the developmental condition and appropriate medical treatment. In the center, a counseling room, an occupational therapy room for cultivating a sense of balance, and a play space where children can play freely are arranged. On the Internet phone service “Skype”, he also made it possible to support while cooperating with a nursing home institution.

Staff members accompany the school according to the situation of the child and is also responsible for support during class. It is said that medical treatment has already begun, and there are also inquiries from outside Hyogo prefecture. Because private-sector projects, care support is entirely self-burdensome but we will set up opportunities for events and parents to exchange information so that parent and child can use it in various ways. In the vicinity of the entrance there is a space to allow residents to interact and a cafe is also planned, Mr. Kohl said, “Parents and children are willing to drop in and feel like a community center that can be relaxed.”

To contact Kent Center TEL: 078 · 821 · 6170

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