Japanese TV reports on the forced sterilization of disabled people

Video from a report by NHK on the TV channel NHK G broadcast at 7pm on Wednesday 28th March 2018.

Written by the editor of ‘Barrier Free Japan’, Michael Gillan Peckitt


Whilst it had been mentioned before on Japanese TV, the ‘forced sterilization’ cases have not received a great of attention on broadcast media in Japan – when the amount of coverage in terms of time allotted devoted to it is compared other issues – for example, the Moritomo school scandal.

The ‘Eugenic Protection Law’ was enforced in Japan from 1948 – 1996 to prevent those of ‘inferior birth’ having children and resulted in many intellectually disabled Japanese citizens, like the woman (who remains anonymous by her own choice) in Miyagi Prefecture mentioned in the report being sterilized.

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