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Disability Japan Paralympics Robotics Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 organizers unveil assist robots to aid wheelchair users

“The robots, created with Japanese technology, are expected to assist spectators in such ways as guiding people to their seats at stadiums, bringing food and drinks to those in wheelchairs, providing event information and helping carry things.”

Disability Japan Paralympics Tokyo 2020

Paralympic medalists check accessibility of 2020 Tokyo Games venue area

“”Just after exchanging greetings, however, basketball player Katsumi Miyake rushed back into the station. He returned sometime later and explained that the accessible washroom outside the gates was broken, so he had to use the one inside. There aren’t many bathrooms for wheelchair users so I can’t hesitate even if I have to go back in,” he said. Miyake’s remark hinted at a major challenge in improving the washroom situation at stations near venues.”

Disability Japan Paralympics Tokyo 2020

Swimming club highlights need to change Japanese society’s attitudes towards disability

“Amid growing public attention and heightened expectations for athletes with impairments ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, critics argue that not many people with a disability in Japan regularly exercise or play sports due to limited opportunities compared with those for people without a disability.”