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March 11th 2018

“On this day many local councils, schools and other public services memorialize 3/11. This is the sound of high school girls from a local Kobe school singing ‘上を向いて歩こう’ – better known in the west by the (entirely unrelated to the title of the song) moniker ‘Sukiyaki’ – outside JR Sumiyoshi station, around 3pm on March 11th 2018.”

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Hyogo Prefecture aims to increase support for the visually impaired during disasters

“Akashi City is planning to open the National Kobe Sight Disorder Center in Nishi-ku Ueshuromachi, Kobe City, a “Welfare Evacuation Center” on the 11th, seven years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, in an effort to strengthen support for the visually impaired at the time of a disaster. It is the first facility of its kind in Akashi city and will be the 10th facility dedicated to visually impaired people in the area.”