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Sapporo district court ruling on forced sterilization case makes courtroom accessible

“The Sapporo District Court ruling on a case to decide whether Kikuo Kojima (77) of Sapporo City is due damages on the grounds that sterilization was forced under the former eugenic protection law (1948-96) made the public gallery in the courtroom accessible for the hearings on the 25th. More than half – some reports say 60% – of the seats in the court room were allocated to accommodate the disabled people attending , to allow a caretaker with medical equipment, as well as sign language interpreters to accompany them.”

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160 local assemblies adopt resolutions seeking redress for sterilization victims: poll

“The resolutions, addressed to the prime minister, health minister and the heads of both houses of the Diet, are not legally binding, but are nevertheless expected to pressure the central government and the national assembly to establish a program to support those people who were targeted for the surgeries because of their mental or physical disabilities.”

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Health ministry confirms names of 3,033 forced sterilization victims

“[S]ome 16,500 people were forcibly sterilized in this way. However, the ministry was able to find only 6,066 applications to conduct the procedure, now considered inhumane, of which 5,676 were approved. Of these, records of 4,987 people receiving these surgeries have been found, though only 3,033 of their names could be confirmed.”

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Kobe group continues to Remember Sagamihara after forced sterilization revelations in Hyogo prefecture [Video]

“the Hyogo Prefectural Law Damaged Hyogo Lawyers Corp. found a museum document in Hyogo prefecture on the 16th, totaling 24 people declared in a document about surgery in which the real names of the patient was stated. The prefecture had previously said that there are no materials that can identify individuals.”

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150 people in Kobe, Japan mark the two year anniversary of the Sagamihara killings with a protest

“The group marched through the Kobe Motomachi shopping street, often chanting phrases such as ‘disabled people are not unhappy’, possibly a reference to the accused in the Sagamihara killings, Satoshi Uematsu asserting that ‘disabled people can only cause misery.’”