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Japanese Newspaper notes ‘glimpse of anxiety’ from Sagamihara suspect as trial is set to begin in January 2020

“The suspect in the Sagamihara massacre of disabled people, whilst saying he won’t “claim that I’m unable to take criminal responsibility”, according to The Mainichi Newspaper, shows ‘glimpses of anxiety’ as trial approaches in early January 2020.”

By Barrier Free Japan

Barrier Free Japan has decided to withhold to withhold the suspect’s name.

December 9th 2019

The trial of the a 29-year-old former employee of a facility for the intellectually disabled; who is accused of killing 19 residents of the facility where he formerly worked in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture in July 2016, will be begin next year.

The defendant had previously said in November that he “won’t claim that I’m unable to take criminal responsibility,” in an interview with Jiji Press.

The Mainichi Shimbun has interviewed the suspect several times. One occasion the suspect was asked “what kind of place do you think a trial is?’ The suspect responded by saying:

In some cases, it may be opposed to what was said, but it was basically annoying to those who were annoying “A place to apologize.” He said, “It ’s awkward” and “It ’s a little different to say that we ’re not reflecting” that many survivors and victims ’parents are expected to go to court.

The Mainichi Shimbun also reported a “glimpse of anxiety’ from the defendant as it in April, before the defendant said in November that he would deny criminal responsibility that:

There is also a glimpse of anxiety about the decision. In April of this year, he said, “I don’t think I’m innocent, but it wasn’t an act that would result in a death penalty. After being interviewed in July for the possibility of a severe judgment, he said, “I can’t help it. Under the current Japanese law,” he said, “The death penalty is too heavy. He suddenly attacked the resident, saying, “I’m sorry for the bereaved family,” but repeatedly said, “It can’t be helped.”

During an interview in November, after being informed by The Mainichi that his views on disability aren’t supported by the public at large, The Mainichi reported that the suspect:

grew angry and shot back, “It’s just that no one will admit it.”

The trial is scheduled to begin on January 8th 2020 and is to be held at the Yokohama District Court.


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