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Working in Japan with ADHD: “Even if diagnosed as ill, life is not easy “

"ADHD affects 1 in 5 people nationwide in Japan. It was believed to be a minor problem in the past, but nowadays "adult ADHD (adult developmental disorder)" is attracting attention."

Written with extracts from SPA!

October 1st 2018

ADHD affects 1 in 5 people nationwide in Japan. It was believed to be a minor problem in the past, but nowadays “adult ADHD (adult developmental disorder)” is attracting attention.

Various doctors and experts talk about ADHD in the media, and the opportunities for those who have ADHD to talk about their suffering and difficulties in their daily lives has also increased, but in such circumstances, from an early age there was a feeling of hyperactivity, starting with adulthood ADHD Koyoshi Koshikawa (26 years old · pseudonym) who was diagnosed as “diagnosed as illness” does not mean that life will be easier.

Mr. Koshikawa recounts his experience back two years, before his being diagnosed as adult ADHD.

“Since I was a child, I felt hyperactive and had many forgotten things and I could not do something as scheduled, I was was a so-called” restless child. “Since I was still young at that time, Although it has been done, the situation has changed completely since becoming an adult and working for a company.In the current workplace PC work is doing the main office work, but reporting work completed I forgot about it, made a mistake of fine numbers …… At that time it was a series of thrilling events, but finally I rushed to the hospital because I could not trust myself myself. “

As a result, Mr. Koshikawa was diagnosed as adult ADHD. However, although hospital prescribes a special medicine, the situation of Mr. Koshikawa never changed.

“The fact that I felt again after being diagnosed with ADHD is that” ADHD does not mean that the current situation will not be easier. “It is not because ADHD makes mistakes, so it can not be helped to make a mistake. As it is not even possible to work because it is not even possible to work in the end after all, it is only “what you do with yourself.” Now, while drinking the prescribed medicine, remember to write down on the back of the hand so as to reduce mistakes, I am working and it is embarrassing like a primary school student on the way back from the train. “

During the interview Mr. Koshikawa seemed anxious about the future at work saying,

“I am doing my job now, but I am told that my heart is full of anxiety about the future. If I make mistakes in the future, I may quit the company,”

“Drugs can not be taken because it dulls their abilities and judgment”

The situation is not limited to Mr. Koshikawa. Mr. Mitsuru Otani who is currently living in Tokyo and works for small and medium publishers (33 years old · pseudonym) is one of them. Otani received a diagnosis of ADHD at the end of last year.

“I was not able to turn up  to important meetings for negotiation, I could not make it, and multitasking was impossible …. I doubted myself and went to the hospital.I was prescribed medicine, but this medicine was my own I did not match it at all, and when I took them I felt my consciousness to be stunned even during the day, and I was unable to work. “

The prescribed medicine did not fit the body and was forced to live on a daily basis with the same condition as before visit. He said he did not go to the hospital afterwards.

“In the end, I think that there is only the merit of understanding the current situation of ADHD diagnosis. Of course, I think that some people may improve their symptoms somewhat by taking medicine, but that In my case, because I can not manage the schedule anyhow, I input my schedule to the smartphone so that the alarm sounds one hour before the start of each event Unfortunately, although mistakes have decreased slightly, fundamentally I have not solved anything and I have to work hard and overcome the disease. “

Mr. Otani repeated “many times I have no choice but to do my best anyway”.

What is common to both is that “it starts after receiving the diagnosis of ADHD”. In the end, there is only one who can break through the difficulties in front of you.

Opportunities to see “adult developmental disorder” in the media has also increased, but in society, as whole in a company where he works in his own lifestyle … … the understanding may seem to be progressing, but in reality this is not the case.

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