Psychiatrist expresses concern that after Sagamihara, involuntary hospitalization will replace crime prevention

Written with extracts from the Tokyo Shimbun

August 10th 2018

Professor Hiroshi Ihara (psychiatry) of Dokkyo University Medical Center Saitama Medical Center (Koshigaya City) who was involved as an appraiser in many criminal cases published a book “Why the Sagamihara Incident Occurred”.

After Sagamihara, the possibility of measures to forcibly hospitalize mentally ill people, has been actively debated, but Professor Ihara is concerned that mental health care will be used for crime prevention.

Satoshi Uematsu , 28, who was charged with murder charges, was admitted to the hospital due to repeated actions suggesting killing the disabled before the incident, and was discharged from the hospital about ten days at the discretion of a doctor. Professor Ihara said: “Criticism of why such a dangerous person was released was gathered and mentally disabled people were made into scapegoats. The hospital is a system for treatment, and the doctor is responsible for maintaining security It is strange. ”

Following the incident, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare examination team recommended that the municipal government formulate a support plan for all patients, saying that “support after discharge was insufficient.” Although it aimed for amendment of the mental health welfare law, the disabled community was rebellious, saying “It will lead to strengthening monitoring”, it was dismissed last year.

Professor Ihara emphasized, “There is a dangerous aspect that it is possible to detain a patient only by judgment of doctors and municipalities at the time of hospitalization measures.” “If you move in the direction of strengthening,” arrest without arrest warrants “will go through, and you will be worried about the majority of good patients.”

In his book, as an example of incoherent sentences written by schizophrenic patients, I explained the difference between mental illness and beliefs including hate (hate) thought. “A professional doctor may make a mistake in judgment”, the court intervened in the decision and cancellation of measures to hospitalization, and we propose that a deadline should also be set for the hospitalization period which is not established now.

How can we prevent a murder based on a biased idea? “The incident occurred between the criminal policy and the mental health welfare law, and the doctor can do is to cure the disease, after the discharge, there is no problem that there is no mechanism to hand over the dangerous person to the police.Justice also I will be involved as a braking role and have to work closely with the three parties. “

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