Himeji court hands four year prison sentence to father for killing disabled son.

Written with extracts from The Kobe Shimbun

July 7th 2018

In March this year, Tsutomu Tanaka, 76, of Hyogo Prefecture, was charged with killing his eldest son, who had a mental disorder, at his home. On July 7th the Kobe District Court Himeji branch with Miyako Fujiwara Presiding Judge sentenced to Tanaka to four years in prison (eight years maximum imprisonment prison sentence).

According to the ruling, On the night of March 4th Tanaka too his eldest son (48) who needed care because of a severe mental illness to the toilet. In the early hours of the 5th, the eldest son was found lying in the bed, his neck having been squeezed with a towel, the son was in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest, and died at the receiving hospital.

Fujiwara, presiding judge, said, “Even though he was exhausted both physically and mentally by nursing care, “I have to say that it is short-sighted to take away the victim’s life without thinking of seeking support from his daughters.”

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