Staff at Mie Prefecture day care facility questioned by police after calling disabled people liars and thieves

Written with extracts from The Asahi Shimbun

July 2nd 2018

In Tsu City , Mie Prefecture’s day care facility for three disabled “Tsuku Shinbo’s House Kazushi”, it was found that staff members had been violent towards “intellectual disabled users of day service” calling them a liars” and “thieves”.

From an interview in February, Tsu city acted on information from Mie Prefectural Police Department and interviewed the facility based on the Act on the Prevention of Abuse of Persons with Disabilities, and recognized abuse by multiple staff members. Mie prefecture officials who received the report called for prevention of recurrence based on the comprehensive support law for people with disabilities.

According to NPO corporation that operates the facility “Tsukishinba of Omoiyari Nursing Care”, a female staff member at the facility in Shizumura, Toshima-shi Ichi-cho, told male users with intellectual disabilities “lying,” “thief,” etc. He repeatedly exclaimed insult and acted like other people laughing at the sight of the situation.

In addition, female officials chase the female users with intellectual disabilities and touch relaxingly the jaw while saying “I’m an esthetics tattoi kimono, meat of this chin”, or to the knee It was said that there was an act of ridiculing physical characteristics such as shouting a user who sit down “heavenly, you”.

On November 2, the NPO’s representative Haruko Shimazaki told the Asahi newspaper, “I am shocked by the acts like this, I think I was unconscious abusive acts though I did not mean to bully the users I want to go back again. ” Shimazaki said the officials who had abusive acts are on duty, Shimazaki said, “Since the person himself is reflecting and users are liked, he did not think of dismissal.”

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