Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare survey reports on ‘after school day care’ for the disabled: “There is a crisis of abolition.”

Written with extracts from Nikkei

June 13th 2018

Many of “after school day care services ” keeping disabled children after school has fallen lacks revenue to be Run due to the revision of remuneration for 2018. Approximately 20% of the 210 places surveyed answered saying, “There is a crisis of abolition.”

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare summarizes the results of the survey on the impact of remuneration revisions targeting local governments throughout the month.

Day services such as after school care is a publicly available disability welfare service which began in 2012. Approximately 170,000 people use about 11,000 such services nationwide.

Japan revised its remuneration in April due to the increasing number of businesses with low quality of service. Municipalities, municipalities set the compensation amount in two categories according to the ratio of accepting children who judged that there were serious obstacles.

In the nationwide after-school questionnaire survey, about 80% of business establishments became a lower compensation category than before. 41 plants (19.5%) answered “Impact crisis” (multiple answers) on the influence on remuneration revision (multiple answers), and 76 plants (36.1%) replied that “personnel reduction” .

The survey also stated “There are cases where the municipality is judging the weight of disability lower than it actually is, there is a decrease in sales to businesses that provide high-quality services.”

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