“Please forgive me” says note of a 5-year-old girl who died

From NHK News

June 6th 2018

A 5 – year – old girl died in Tokyo Meguro – ku, and her father was arrested and indicted for assault. A note written by a girl in a pencil found at the home after a search.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the deceased (then 5) was ordered to get up on her own at around 4 am every morning and practice writing hiragana every day at around 4 o’clock mentions It was.

In the note found at home search, found a note written by her with a pencil.

“Even if my dad and mom no longer say it


Even more than today

I will make it tomorrow

Please forgive me please.

I will not do the same with you already.

What I had not done at all yesterday

I will do what I have done so far

Because I feel like playing

I will definitely try not to do it absolutely. ”

Because it was pointed out by her father that she was fat, her meal consisted of only one soup per meal.

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