Disabled people in Sendai hold protest demonstrations over forced sterilization

Written with extracts from The Mainichi Shimbun

May 30th 2018

Under the former eugenic protection law (1948-96), disabled people were forced to undergo sterilization surgery, and protest demonstrations by disability support group were on held on May 30th and about 150 people attended.

Participants came from the Hokkaido area right down to Okinawa Prefecture with banners reading “Where is the country’s apologies to victims of forced sterilization surgery!” While raising banners with the text “I want to decide whether to give birth or not myself”, they marched for about 1 hour around Miyagi prefectural office and downtown area.

In the demonstration, an elder sister of a 60-year-old woman in the same prefecture who also filed a lawsuit for national compensation for the first time in the country participated. “The public is paying attention to such an extent that it does not compare with the previous one, I was glad that I could appeal with my voice.” Mr. Hideo Inoue (34) who visited from Hachioji city, Tokyo also said, “Even if the trial begins, the attitude of the country remains vague, strongly that you want to manage as the same disabled person Hopefully “I strengthened my spirit.

Prior to the demonstration on this day, a symposium was held in Sendai City to think about the problem of the former eugenic protection law. Ms. Atsuko Iizuka who filed the second complaint against the Sendai District Court on the 17th of this month said, “The wounds of my heart will never go away, as many as one (the parties) will raise up, they will receive an apology from the country and compensation I want to call it. ”

Mainichi Shimbun YouTube video

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