Lawyers rally for victims of forced sterilization

NHK World

May 27th 2018

A group of about 180 lawyers held a rally in Tokyo on Sunday to support people who were forcibly sterilized under Japan’s former Eugenic Protection Law.

According to health ministry data, about 16,000 people across Japan were sterilized without their consent, typically in connection with a mental or physical condition. The Eugenic Protection Law remained in effect until 1996.

Four plaintiffs filed separate lawsuits in Tokyo, Sendai and another location earlier this month to seek compensation and an apology from the government.

One of the co-organizers of the group said the lawyers want to help as many victims as possible file similar lawsuits.

A plaintiff from Tokyo, a man aged 75, said the government needs to reflect seriously on its failure to take action over more than 20 years. He said he wants the government to apologize and compensate the victims without delay.

The lawyers’ group plans to set up phone consultations in different parts of Japan for victims who have yet to come out.

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