The pink and strawberry products produced by disabled people in Sendai City

From Hebei Shimbun ONLINE NEWS

May 13th 2018

The company “Kokuri no Mori” In Izumi ward, Sendai City, Japan produces original goods with motifs of pink and strawberry red, in the hope of creating work opportunities for people with disabilities and living care. It is popular as customers find it to be “cute”, and the facility intends to “make future miscellaneous goods the pillar of its activities.”

There are currently six types of goods sold: magnet (300 yen for 2 pieces), ballpoint pen (100 yen), clip (300 pieces for 3 pieces). The user takes a strawberry mold with paper clay, and is responsible for coloring and bagging. I am selling it at the Korori no Mori and the strawberry farm “Ichigo Ichigo lol (Ichiya) Matsumori Farm” opened in Izumi-ku in January.

The factory staff in charge of the facility came up with the miscellaneous goods production of strawberries as a result of undertaking the cleaning of the farm. Started making it in February, we have produced about 200 in total. We will continue to work according to the order.

It is the edge which I sell also in Golden retriever specialty shop “I and only dog ​​club” of Izumi Ward, and also make sundries which imagined the Golden Retriever in the future.

Kori no Mori opened in September last year. It is operated by the general corporation “Sendai area welfare co-founder”, and 10 users in the 10 to 50 years are enrolled, making miscellaneous goods, cleaning farms, assembling corrugated cardboard, etc.

Facility manager Nobuyoshi Ohba (49) said that he wants to have interest in the work of persons with disabilities through the miscellaneous goods which the user worked with confidence.

The contact address is Korori ‘s Forest 022 (725) 5225.

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