“I’ve suffered for a long time in my chest, I want you to return my body, my life.”

Written with extracts from The Asahi Shimbun

March 25th 2018

A 70-year-old man in Tokyo intends to seek compensation for damages under the former eugenic protection law (1948-96) as he was forced to sterilize at the time of his teens, is expected on the 25th at the press conference. He plans to file a lawsuit against the Tokyo district court in April.

A woman in his 60s in Miyagi prefecture sued the Sendai district court, and the first oral argument will be held on 28th of this month.

Under former Eugenic Protection Law, genetic diseases and mental disorders, such intellectual disabilities, even without the consent of the person sterilization after a state convened committee was consider appropriate. There were at least 16,475 victims. The man who was interviewed had no intellectual or physical disabilities , but according to the defense group, he said the law was expanded and interpreted when he was in a child care facility, he said he had surgery.

“I’ve suffered for a long time in my chest, I want you to return my body, my life.” The man appealed at the press conference.

The man still has two scars from the surgery. At the 2nd year junior high school who was in a child care facility in Sendai city, a hospital employee thought he should be given surgery without explanation. I thought “I should take even bad things,” but after the operation, my senior at the facility asked me that “The operation is impossible for children.” I heard that three other people in the same institution also underwent similar surgery. There was resistance, but I did not know what to do.

I thought that I would stay as single as a lifetime, but my marriage came and I got married when I was 28 years old. I did not give children, I was able to put words without words from my relatives. It was hard for my wife to see a happy appearance of acquaintance’s baby.

Five years ago. A few days before my wife died, I told you in the hospital room for the first time. “Actually, I had a surgery that my child could not do, I knew that a child could not do it and it was bad to marry.”

My wife nodded and said “I do not have to eat properly even if I am gone,” carefully.

In February this year I learned about forced sterilization in a newspaper article and called a lawyers team. When I contacted my older sister who was 3 years old, my sister understood that he was listening to surgery from her grandmother.

Defense counsel Niisato Hiroshini (65) vies as a “bad law that “prevented the birth of offspring…or not had been operating without carefully selected targets and procedures.” . Men’s surgery records etc have not been found. Sharati said, “Most of the materials are discarded and men’s appeal is a touchstone.”

The man said, “I should not be alone by myself, I want you to take courage you give to me.”

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