Abuse of elderly by nursing staff in Japan rose by 10.8% in fiscal year 2016

From Jiji Press

March 9th 2018

The number of cases of abuse of elderly people by nursing facility staff in Japan rose for the 10th consecutive year to hit an all-time high of 452 in fiscal 2016, up 10.8 pct from the previous year, a welfare ministry survey showed Friday.

In the year that ended in March 2017, the total number of recognized cases of abuse of people aged 65 or over at home or in care facilities, including special elderly nursing homes, increased 2.8 pct to 16,836, also a record high.

Both total and staff abuse figures went up as the elderly population grew and increased social interest in abuse of older people led to rises in consultations with and reports to authorities, the ministry said.

According to the survey results, 16,384 of the total cases were abuse chiefly by family members. There were 25 deaths, all caused by domestic abuse.

On reasons for abuse by nursing facility workers, problems related to education, knowledge and care skills were cited by 66.9 pct, followed by stress and emotional control issues with 24.1 pct.

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