1000 people in Akashi in Hyogo Prefecture, both disabled people and parents participate in ‘Parasport’ events

Written with extracts from the Kobe Shimbun

March 11th 2018

A “Parasport Stadium” with sports for disabled people such as wheelchair basket and blind soccer was held on March 11th at the Akashi Central Sports Center in Okubo, Hyogo prefecture.

About 1,000 people, including parents and disabled people, visited and participated in Judo matches while blindfolded.

Last year, the city was selected as one of the first “Symbiotic Society Host Town” to promote town development considering people with disabilities towards the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020, and this event is related as a related project It was opened. In the same building, wheelchair table tennis, para judo, and other sports take place.

Children challenged one after another. And in a special event wheelchair table tennis player Rikuyoshi Kimie (70) who lives in the city and para judo family Kitao Shinko (27) who lives in Kobe City show off enthusiasm for the Tokyo convention.

Former Professional Baseball / Hanshin Akahiro Norihiro (41) who has supported disabled people also said that they would like to promote para sports for 2020. ” A boy with Sawashiro’s 4th year who challenged the wheelchair basket (10) said, “It was difficult to take the ball while riding a wheelchair, although the hand was tiring pretty but it was fun.”

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