Group home for disabled people built in Ishikawa prefecture

From The Asahi Shimbun

February 27th 2018

The Wajima city social welfare corporation “Hiroma society” will start the operation of the group home “Umyudo Sora” (the city of Kamaya Town), where the disabled people will live together in the community from March 1. There was a completion ceremony on February 15th, about 50 people concerned celebrated completion.

The facility is has 2 stories, has a total floor space of about 560 square meters, has 10 rooms, it is a group home (3 men with capacity, 4 females) and short stay (2 people with capacity and 1 female). We also provided a space to serve as a welfare evacuation facility at the time of a disaster, etc., with the consultation support office who receives consultation from people with disabilities and families.

The Hiroma society shall run the multi function living support facilities and cafés that support living support for people with disabilities in Wajima City and Hakui City. At the ceremony, Mr. Kazuhiro Muro said, “Parents who care for persons with disabilities are aging, worried about the future of children, I want to aim for a society where people with disabilities can coexist.”

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