Abuse of disabled people increased in Hyogo Prefecture for fiscal year 2016, 68 cases reported

Extracts from the Kobe Shimbun

February 28th 2018

Hyogo Prefecture announced that there were 68 cases of abuse of persons with disabilities in the prefecture in FY 2016. Although low, abuse by welfare facility staff is increasing. The prefecture calls attention to facilities etc. as “There is a possibility that stress caused by shortage of manpower may be affected.” according to Maekawa Shigeyuki.

According to the prefecture disability welfare section, 310 consultations and reports received in the prefecture and each city town in FY2016. Of the 68 cases judged abusive, 48 cases (parents and siblings) by “senior citizen” from siblings (4 cases lower than in 2003) accounted for 70%. Meanwhile, there were 17 cases of abuse by facility staff, up by 6 from 2003.

A case where a staff member who was angered by a user who does not eat meals dropped it and dragged it to the room and a case where a male staff member was arrested for allegedly assaulting a mental retarded person by wearing a professional wrestling technique It also happened. Increase in abuse by facility staff is a nationwide trend, and the department analyzed that “the number of staff is decreasing at the welfare workplace and the burden on each person is heavier.” Increasing training that was only once in FY2003 to 10 times in FY2005, urging attention of facility staff. By type, the most abuse of the body is 41.7%.

Psychological cruelty such as shouting, 26.2%, economic abuse continued 17.9%, such as withdrawing cash without the understanding of the person himself, the sexual abuse was also 5.3%. By disability, the number of people with intellectual disabilities was 58.1%, the highest.

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