Kobe district court finds 87-year-old man with “dementia and memory impairment” not guilty of shoplifting

From The Sankei Shimbun

A judgement by the courts of an unemployed man in the city (87) who was questioned for theft as a shoplifting in the supermarket in Kobe was held at the Kobe District Court on 23rd, and judge Kurao Atsushi said ” It is not admitted that there was willful intent of theft”

A man was supermarket in Nada Ward, Kobe City, shoplifted pork on February 3rd last year and was subsequently prosecuted. The defense attorney at the trial , argued for his innocence on the grounds of dementia.

Judge Kuraso said in a ruling that, after the man settled the other items at the cash register, the men left the store with pork in their coat pocket, saying, “The attention disorder (due to dementia) he also forgot the goods in his pocket. ” In addition, it was said that “It was not possible to intentionally steal” from the fact that the pork was visible to the store clerk and because the man was in the habit of putting items that cannot be held in into his pocket.

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