Japan seeks to help disabled women “Become a big fighting force”

Extracts from The Sankei Shimbun

February 19th 2018

“Become a big fighting force”

The enforcement of revised Employment Promotion Law of Persons with Disabilities in April this year, the proportion of people with disabilities (statutory employment rate) to be hired by companies etc. was raised by 0.2% to 2.2%. It is difficult for women to balance childbirth and raising children with jobs, but for those with disabilities , the degree of difficulty is further increased. In order to demonstrate their abilities, certain considerations and an appropriate response are necessary.

In December last year, about 100 people from the management company of the company gathered at Daikin Industries Technology · Innovation Center in Settsu City, Osaka Prefecture. A lecture that experts talk about the mental attitude necessary for accepting employees before seven people with disabilities join this spring. He served as a lecturer, hearing impaired, Ms. Yukie Koba (Yukie Uribe) (42) of Mirairo, a universal design consulting company.

Uribe leaves wider the aisle when using a wheelchair because of a physical disability. In the case of a visual disorder, because there is little information to judge things, we do not use ambiguous words – such as personal circumstances Explain the combined consideration. In addition, “There are ten people with disabilities, individuality and characteristics are different, I want you to value the attitude of face to face with each person,” and appealed, “By just taking care, people with disabilities become big fights “I emphasized.

Uribe leaves the venue, “Things to keep in mind when accepting new graduates,” she says, “I would like to ask for consideration, please do not hold back. When angry, give me angry just like any other new graduate Please give me”. After the end, a woman in a managerial staff said, “Human relations have become diluted recently, communication in the workplace is decreasing, acceptance of people with disabilities will increase the communication of the whole workplace.”

The employment rate of persons with disabilities as of June this year of the Daikin Group is 2.19%. The group established a subsidiary “Daikin Sunrise Settsu” where many people with disabilities work in 1993, maintaining a high employment rate, but the employment rate in recent years has been sluggish due to an increase in the number of employees throughout the group . Human resources officials said, “We want to achieve 2.2% in spring,” and we intend to continue employing disabled people at our head office.

In July last year, Naho Takii (30) with hearing impairment was adopted as a pioneer. Takii said that she wanted to make use of her experience in seven years at a major cosmetic company in Tokyo where many disabled employees are active, in local and Kansai, changed jobs to Daikin Industries.

Takii is primarily in charge of recruitment of persons with disabilities at the headquarters personnel headquarters of the headquarters, and will make manuals for consideration according to various obstacles. In addition, we will also carry out familiar reforms such as introducing the application “UD Talk” that raises the contents of the conference at the meeting in sentence in real time.

Takii says, “I’d like to meet so that people starting work from now will start working without anxiety, and I want to improve the working environment.”

According to the summary of employment situation of persons with disabilities announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in December last year, there are about 496,000 persons with disabilities employed by private enterprises. Although it continues to increase year by year, the actual employment rate is only 1.97%. According to the Basic Survey of the Pension Scheme of the Heisei 20 (survey on disabled pensioners’ actual situation), among women with disabilities under the age of 65 who are receiving national pension / welfare pension, male workers are 41 3% while women are only 26.8%.

Mihabara about the difficulties of women with disabled people, “When giving birth, it will be difficult even if there is no obstacle, when obstacles are added, compatibility with work becomes more difficult, difficult to gain understanding, It is added to the multiplication formula instead of addition “. It is said that it is difficult for men to consult the equipment and considerations necessary for toilets and changing rooms, and help from the same sex is indispensable.

Mihabara has progressive hearing loss due to pneumonia as a child. Her hearing gradually declined and it became completely inaudible. After that she worked at a life insurance company and a bridal company and came across the wall which employees with disabilities face

The reason why the wall is created is “overreaction” and “indifference”. However, “Japanese are not really indifferent, they just can not grasp the chance and courage,” Mihibara said. I do not care too much, actively talk, first get to know each other. I would like to aim for such a workplace.

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