When it comes to priority seats, good manners are important (Part 1)

Written with extracts from Livedoor.com

February 15th 2018

There is a rush in the evening, on the Keio Line. The semi-express to Keio Hachioji is nearly full in because the of the rush, an elderly couple gets in from the door near the priority seat, but the priority seats are full of young people on their smartphones.

There is a married couple, and the woman is disabled and has a cane. Her husband said to the young man who is nearest to the door “I’m sorry, she cannot stand for a long time, can you give her the seat?” Then the smartphone man gave a loud voice saying “I am tired! Passengers around me watched all at once, so it was so loud and fought back. Still, the smartphone man will not give up his seat as cancer. It is probably a “healthy person” who is absorbed in the smartphone of other priority seats.

Actually, this incident is about our family. My wife, after a cerebral infarction left her with paralysis in the left hand , she can walk, but cannot stand for a long time.

I examine the “priority seat” of each railway company and grasped the current situation on my own. The following is based on my real experience, I can not say that everything is so. However, as I saw, I came to the conclusion that it is inevitable to say that the social manners and morals are still low for the “weak traffic” who need “priority seats”.

I am 72 years old this year at the age of receiving a silver pass from Tokyo Metropolitan Government, but when I am as low as possible I try to sit at the ordinary seat. Even if you sit at a priority seat, you are sure to give your seat to those who are older than me or obviously disabled people.

Sometimes, I sometimes give up my seat by looking at my body, but at that time I will be able to sit down. I heard a young man, but he says that he has experience “It was said that” Do not handle old people “even if you want to give up your seat. It is certain that it is difficult to hand over the seat if there is such a thing.

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