One and half year on, the families of the Sagamihara stabbing victims remember

Written with extracts from NHK

January 26th 2018

On the 26th of July 2016, 19 people in the area were killed at the Tsukui Yamayuri Park facility with intellectual disabilities in Sagamihara City, and 27 people suffered serious injuries.

Former employee Satoshi Uematsu, charged with crimes such as homicide, stated that “disabled people can only make misery”, and expanded shocks and ripples in society. It is one and a half from the incident on 26th.NHK interviewed the families of the victims of the attack.

Mr. Ono (74) spoke about the incident, he said: “It was a year and a half since the accident, which is not as good as before the incident, but my son has become quite relaxed and relieved.”

Uematsu said that he repeatedly argued as a reason for raising an incident in an interview with reporters, “Even if I can not speak, I can move my eyes and see my eyes, I will be glad if I say “I will come again”, I feel that I can communicate with myself.I am pleased to meet each week and I am happy.The defendant’s idea is wrong and unfortunate There is no qualification to be said, “strongly denied the defendant’s words.

About Uematsu’s explanation that Uematsu told the family members that they did not thank the family when they helped the residents at the facility, and that the disabled people seemed to be unnecessary, said, “In order to claim their legitimacy I feel exaggeratingly saying one example and saying that I am trying to impose my thoughts and thoughts and I can not understand it. ”

And as to the fact that the defendant did not respond to the question “Would you kill if your child had a severe disability?”, “It is the most important thing to think about and the defendant as well as my son thinks He should be thinking that he is cute because he is trying to defend his child because of his disability, he is contradictory. “

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