Reporter and Father of Disabled Son Interviews Sagamihara Stabbings Accused

Extracts from The Mainichi

December 28th 2017

The interviewer is Kanebumi Kanbe of RKB Mainichi Broadcasting and the interviewee is Satoshi Uematsu. It will broadcast on TBS radio on December 29th and on January 3rd 2018 in some regions:

Kanbe: You call “a person who can not communicate” as “a lost person”, but what kind of person is specifically aimed at?

Uematsu: Such a person who can not say his name, age, and address.

Kanbe: At midnight everyone would have been asleep. How could you be so heartless?

Uematsu: People who answered “Good morning” would not be stabbed.

Kanbe: My child can not speak clear words, but I can understand what I’m saying in general.

Uematsu: I’m afraid I cannot say that communicating is the only way parents can know what they are saying.

Kanbe: It was your intent to kill my child in Yamayuri-en facility?

Uematsu: I did not know at the time.

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