3198 instances of abuse of disabled persons in Japan reported for FY2016

Mainichi Newspaper

December 27, 2017

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced on 27th that 3198 persons with disabilities were abused in 2016. Although the amount decreased slightly in comparison with FY 2003, which was the highest since the start of the survey in FY 2000, abuse by officials of persons with disabilities sharply increased by 18% compared to the previous year and number of cases and number of victims, the largest number ever updated for four consecutive years.

The number of cases of abuse consultation / reporting that was from last year’s home, facilities, workplaces, etc. increased by 8 cases from the previous year, totaling 7466 cases. Of these, 2520 cases were judged abusive by the country and the municipality (3 cases lower than the previous year), the number of victims was 3198 people (109 people down), and the high level continues. There were five deaths due to abuse, both by parents such as parents.

Abuse by facility staff etc. is increasing year by year. Although the number of consultations and reports in the previous fiscal year decreased from the previous year in 2115 cases, 401 cases (62 more cases) were judged abusive, and the number of victims increased sharply to 672 (103 more). The most common type of disability was mental retardation in 69%.

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