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Recent Deaths of Disabled People in Japan

According to the Asahi Shimbun, A man who was in his 50’s, was living in a support facility for the disabled in Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture, suffered an injury that damaged his internal organs and he later died on October 9th.

The autopsy revealed that the cause of death was unknown, and the prefectural police are investigating how the man may have died.

According to officials carrying out the investigation, in July, an unusual condition was found with regards to his physical condition, and he was transported to a hospital. Internal organs injuries were discovered, and he was admitted and had surgery, but he died on the 9th of October. It has been stated that man had an intellectual disability. The prefectural police are listening to accounts from staff members.

According to the homepage of the support facility where the deceased was a resident, the facility supports intellectually disabled people, through providing meals and bathing facilities and other similar activities.

Death of a woman with intellectual disabilities in a Oita Prefecture care home 

On the morning of the August 8th 2017, a woman with intellectual disabilities, aged 68, was found to have died, apparently from blood loss at a care home in Takada city, Oita prefecture. The police are investigating the case.

Officials found that a woman with intellectual disabilities, with a blood from her head at a disabled support facility for the disabled in Takada City, Oita Prefecture, on August 8th. The woman, Ms Mie Mineko (68) who had collapsed was confirmed dead at a  hospital.

According to the police, she had  fallen on her back on the floor of the hall in the facility, and there was a trace of bruises on her forehead.

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