Japanese company develops Google App for children with developmental disabilities, downloads exceed 1 million

Written with extracts from The Sankei Shimbun

May 19th 2018

Google’s contest “Kogekatchi” developed by “LITALICO (Ritalico)” in Tokyo which develops support programs for persons with disabilities, is focusing on developmental disorders, awards excellent applications worldwide “2018 Google Play Award “was nominated. It is an application that lets you learn while playing how to control the size of the voice that is difficult for children with developmental disabilities, although the grand prix was missed, it exceeded 1 million downloads in combination with other applications for developmental disabilities developed by the company. It attracted world attention.

Fruits falling one after the other from the tree. When you say “ah” towards the screen, animals with baskets appear from below and catch the fruits. If it is a small voice, a mouse at the left end, a loud voice at the right end, a cat at the center if the voice is moderate. “Catch over” is a game that gathers more fruits while using different sizes of voices.

In order to communicate with others, it is necessary to adjust the size of the voice according to the surrounding environment, such as inside a house or going out. However, a child with developmental disorder “may not be able to use the muscles that make a voice well, or it may not understand abstract explanations such as” with a smaller voice “, which can not control the volume well,” says a specialist Professor Toshaburo Nagai (Professor Tozaburo) · Professor of Education at Momoyama Gakuin talks.

Voice volume is visualized in “over catch”, and you can train how to adjust the volume while playing. Last summer it was delivered to over 150 countries and regions, and it was downloaded over 11,000 by last month. The user explains that “It is a mouse on a train, a cat at home, a lion is OK at a park”, he says that he uses it for his living.

The award was sponsored by the app store “Google Play” and nominated for a section targeting applications for people with special needs such as disabilities. Although I missed the grand prize, out of the five nominated, it was the only election for the developmental disabled.

The company received requests from staffs of supporting projects to be deployed in-house and started application development in January last year. In addition to “catch catching”, “mouse rattling timer” which “visualizes” the length of time with rat animation of eating apples, and “doing card” visualizing the flow of schedule by illustration and photograph, 8 applications delivered free. The total number of downloads exceeds 1 million.

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