Hiroshima hopes to improve diagnosis and treatment for those with developmental disabilities

From the Yomiuri Online

March 23rd 2018

In the next fiscal year, Hiroshima Prefecture will be developing a system that can better diagnose and treat children with developmental disabilities in the area. In addition to enhancing the support system, such as installing a “developmental disorder medical coordinator” medical judgment falls on such difficult cases consultation from the family doctor As clinical training in the field, is also in short an increase of physicians with expertise in the The area is required.

According to the prefecture, medical institutions and doctors capable of responding to developmental disorders have increased significantly from 97 institutions and 158 persons in fiscal 2017 compared with fiscal 2009 (68 organizations, 91 people).

However, as the the current situation stands only about 20% of pediatricians and psychiatrists as a whole are present, patients tend to concentrate on specialists, about 60% of those needing initial medical examination have to wait for 2 to 12 months or more.

For this reason, in order to develop a system that allows each pediatrician’s family pediatrician to properly diagnose and treat each other, we will work on the development of a network of medical institutions that are in charge of medical treatment and municipalities and related support organizations.

First of all, doctors and colleagues gather information about cases where diagnosis is difficult by full-time having one developmental disorder medical coordinator in Matsuda Hospital (Minami Ward, Hiroshima City) designated as a prefectural base medical institution as a hospital with a high degree of specialization Respond to consultation. At the regional cooperation based medical institutions in each region, in addition to corresponding to the physician’s training, such as to strengthen the implementation system of clinical training, what is aimed for is strengthened cooperation with such institutions to address the training of children with developmental disabilities

Also, it is said that it is susceptible to abuse because concentration and attention are extremely poor, and the same behavior is repeated over and over. We also focus on improving the system that “parent training” can be implemented so that parents can respond appropriately.

A person in charge of the prefectural disabilities support staff hopes they “can make it possible to strengthen cooperation with stakeholders who know the daily living situation of children by allowing them to receive medical treatment at familiar medical institutions in the area. I’d like to make it possible for a strong support.”

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