Disabled people in Shizuoka are making ‘prefectural products’

From The Yomiuri Online

March 22nd 2018

Shizuoka prefecture is committed to the expansion of sales channels of “vocational products” made by persons with disabilities. Quality are being certified as prefectural brands, are being at department stores and supermarkets.

On the 21st, Shizuoka Isetan (special sale corner was lined with items such as stains dyed using the wasabi leaves from Izu and Madeleine in the shape of Mt. Fuji. The person in charge at the sales floor tells the staff that they will be confidently recommended as “products to be sold at department stores,” because they are sticking to improvements, foods taste and materials, miscellaneous goods are practical, etc.

Vocational products have been sold at events to support people with disabilities so far, even if the quality is good, the prices are often set low.

In order to improve this situation, the prefecture started a certification system of “Shizuokaku brand name” last fiscal year. The prefecture certifies the products that satisfy a certain quality, and sells at a price commensurate with quality, aims to increase sales.

This fiscal year, Shizuoka prefecture certified 10 products including 16 products submitted from facilities in the prefecture, including juice using luxury carrots at the foot of Mt. Fuji. For every product, private buyers advise on the design and stick to the looks.

Products are marked with brand marks and sold throughout the country. From April it will always be sold at some stores in the station.

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