Persons with mental disabilities in Japan to be eligible for employment rights as disabled persons from April 2018

Written with extracts from The Osaka Daily News

March 7, 2018

From April 1, people with mental disabilities will be eligible for employment rights as persons with disabilities, and the statutory employment rate is raised from 2.0% to 2.2% in private enterprises, so the related organizations are making efforts to inform them. Introduction of techniques to begin with training of basic knowledge and acceptance of workplace practice at work support facility around mentally disabled people who are difficult to distinguish characteristics from the appearance. Companies that are adopting adoption have shown the importance of dealing with individual advantages and disadvantages.

Until now, the main obstacles to employment for persons with disabilities was “body” and “intellectual”, but the number of jobs in “spirit” was newly targeted as the number of employment increases.

Employment of persons with disabilities in prefectural companies has been the largest ever number in the past for 14 consecutive years, but the actual employment rate as of June 1, 2017 reaches 1.92%, which is the legal 2. 0% Absent. The percentage of companies that have achieved employment rates also remains at 45.5%, and more than half have not been achieved.

Therefore strengthened the related organizations to know about this change before. In February, the Osaka Labor Bureau and Osaka Prefecture requested the Kansai Economic Federation for cooperation.

In addition, the prefecture conducted a recruitment case recruitment example for both disabled and mentally disabled people. The Osaka Labor Bureau has been developing training courses for “Shigoto supporter” who will support both disabled people in the workplace, and some companies participate for the first time by opening a job interview for persons with disabilities.

When the Osaka Labor Bureau feels that the hurdles for employment of mentally handicapped persons are high, it calls out “If you start with acceptance of workplace practical training for disabled persons employment support organizations first” (vocational administration section), introduction of each institution etc. I am accepting at Hello Work.

The establishments that are already working on hiring mentally disabled people continue trial and error.

Food service companies in Kita Ward, Osaka City, which began employment of mentally disabled people from April last year, have to settle at work. Human resources official (38) recalls, “Initially I did not know how obstacles affect work.”

IFor those who concentrate on work and are unable to successfully take a break, if they see sitting all the time, they say a chat. “We are accumulating better methods of handling while allocating tasks that each can do.”

Meanwhile, the Daikin Group special subsidiary “Daikin Sunrise Settsu” (Settsu City) which currently employs more than 100 people with disabilities and more than 30% with mentally disabled persons. Eiko Shibuya, president of the company, said, “There are a lot of people who will be fighting force even if there is a disability.”

We examine the weaknesses and strengths and emphasize the importance of preparing the environment to make it more workable. “First of all, the leaders at the workplace carefully observe the changes of their daily lives”.

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