Hyogo Welfare facilities focus on making products as a route to economic self-reliance for persons with disabilities

Kobe Shimbun

January 29th 2018

Welfare facilities in Hyogo prefecture along with other prefecture are attempting to focus about making products in various fields where the present situation regarding disabled’s peoples economic independence does not advance.

There are two types of establishments of “work continuation support” in which disabled people master skills and knowledge while working, type A and type B. For type A, persons with disabilities enter into employment contracts, and compensation equal to or more than the minimum wage set by the prefecture is paid. Type B can not receive employment contracts but can receive labor as compensation for work.

Kobo Shuzyu (Shiga Prefecture Higashiomi City), Where there the business “Lake Kuni’s Cheesecake” is located was type B, and the labor cost for six people with disabilities was more than three times higher than the previous one, ranging from 40,000 to 70,000 yen a month.

However , according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the average amount of persons with disabilities employed by Type A businesses receive , $ 60,800 per month (converted to hourly wages of 769 yen), and for Type B, about 15,000 yen a month (193 yen). From 2007 fiscal year, the country has tackled Type B “doubling five-year plan”, but by the year 2003 it has only increased about 2800 yen.

The NPO, Japan Selp Center (Tokyo), which tackles employment support for persons with disabilities, points out, “Collecting expertise and know-how is indispensable for the development of competitive products and more administrative support is necessary.”

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