Japan aims to achieve full barrier-free access at major stations, airports by 2020

Kyodo re-published by Japan Today

April 1st 2018

The Japanese government has set a target of achieving full barrier-free access at major train stations, bus terminals and airports for the disabled ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The step-free access rate at such facilities with more than 3,000 daily users on average stood at 87.2 percent in the year through March 2017. By March 2021, the government aims to boost it to 100 percent.

The country also eyes raising the proportion of low-floor buses and other vehicles to 70 percent by March 2021 from 53.3 percent in the year ended March 2017, according to a five-year plan from April for people with disabilities adopted Friday. In the plan, the government vowed to create an easily accessible environment and promote urban planning for them.

Touching on the 2016 stabbing rampage in Sagamihara, near Tokyo, in which a former worker at a care home for the mentally disabled killed 19 residents, believing “the disabled should be eradicated,” the government said in the plan it will bolster security measures at such facilities.

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