Para-sports radio programme to be launched

Nikkan Sports printed in the Asahi Shimbun

March 20th 2018

Nikkan Sports announced that the Agei Ao (46) will serve as a newscaster for a para-sports programme on Radio Culture Broadcasting.

A new programme “Everyone to Aire! ~ Disabled Sports Supporting Programme ~” (5:35 am to 5:50 am every Saturday morning) inviting people involved with disabled athletes and people with disabilities will start on April 7.

“Disabled sports” is becoming increasingly popular year by year through the Paralympic Games telecast in the same city in the same year of the Olympics. In the new program, we will disseminate the sports of disabled sports from various angles, such as site coverage and guest talks.

She has been deepening her understanding by interviewing disabled people. In starting this programme she says:

“To be a newscaster on a Paralympic sports programme is my dream. When I was a new employee I wrote about it the company news. After 23 years passed, I felt it is important to have a program that takes up disabled sports in shape but it was going unnoticed.

You need to keep on thinking….It was originally my mother became disabled. As my dream came true, I’d like to listen to the dreams of the players trying to realize their dreams and the many people who support those player on this program, and to deliver as many voices as possible I will tell you I’m enthusiastic.”

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