Teachers at an Osaka ‘Special Support School’ questioned by police for negligence and causing death of a student

Written with extracts from The Mainichi Shimbun

March 15th 2018

Osaka Prefecture police stated that a boy who was a 3rd grade elementary school student at a Special Support School (then 8 years old) died and drowned whilst bathing at the “Shitennoji Taiko Gakuen”.

A total of three teachers were questioned by the police on suspicion of negligence and the death of a student.

The allegations were made by boys at about 6:30 pm on June 14 last year. Two faculty members in the bathroom focused on helping washing their body even though the facility manual had always stipulated one staff member is to watch the bathtubs, so neglecting the obligation to pay attention to the bathtubs, they did not notice that the boy was drowned . The boy died the next day at the emergency delivery destination. The facility chief is said to have neglected the obligation to thoroughly pay attention to the staff.

According to the Investigation Division, officials were looking away from the boy for about 3 minutes. Part-time employees at that time had taken off their clothes at a changing room, and it seems that there were more than ten people in the bathroom. The facility chief and two staff members told the investigation by the prefectural police that “There was no accident so far and I was neglecting the monitoring of the bathtub.”

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