Vacant houses renovated to be ‘Group Homes’ for disabled people

From The Mainichi Shimbun

February 24th 2018

Next month in Senboku New Town (NT) in the southern part of Osaka Prefecture, a group home for disabled people refurbished detached houses will open. Senboku NT which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, is facing increased vacant house countermeasures, but it seems this is the first time for such repair. The NPO corporation engaged in the establishment is enthusiastic about “if it becomes a new solution for the revitalization of the city.”

According to Sakai City, which occupies the majority of Senboku NT, there are approximately 17,700 detached houses in the district, of which 768 are vacant houses (as of the end of March 2016), accounting for 4.6%. It was 2.5% in 2008.

Makihodai-dai, Sakai City Minami-ku, where the vacancy rate is 5.9% is to open a group home. The building has a total of about 150 square meters totaling two-story steel frame built 43 years ago. A local NPO corporation “Sumairu Center” signed a term leasehold contract with owner living in the city. A first-class architect, Mr. Yoshio Nishigami (50), who is a corporate representative director, added and reinforced seismic retrofitting, and the local social welfare corporation “Cosmos” has six people with intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities Offering to use as a group home of. At present, installation work such as wheelchair slopes almost finishes, and starts to move in early March.

According to Cosmos, tenants will be residents of the Sonkoku NT housing complex that is planned to be demolished due to aging and people who have become elderly and difficult to live in an apartment complex without elevators. Mr. Nishigamo emphasizes the merit that “vacant houses regenerate and help society, owners get rent income”. Facility manager Yuriko Maehara, 52, a cosmos official, said, “I wanted a place where I could spend homely with elderly people who were not familiar, workplaces where six people are coming to, and they can live long in a familiar city. I would like to increase more facilities. “

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