‘Unmanned’ JR Stations in Kyushu may lead to discrimination, Oita disability group claims

Oita Press

February 21st 2018

JR Kyushu is planning to operate 8 train stations in Oita city as ‘unmanned’, the “group to make Oita prefecture where everyone can live with peace of mind” founded by people with disabilities and supporters was held on the 20th February , “The unmanned is “We urge the company to provide a place for withdrawal and consultation of the plan.

Nine members of the same association Yasuyuki Tokuda (73) visited JR Oita branch in Oita-shi.

Mr. Tokuda points out that ” it is convenient and safe but , for people with disabilities and elderly people can lead to discrimination.” Miyanishi Kimyo (55) Oita-shi handed a letter of request to Shigeaki Hyodo branch manager.

According to the association, from the JR side in exchange of private opinions, there was no opinion that “It has become unmanned already and it is troubled in Fukuoka prefecture that introduced the remote guidance system” “After arranging the system and placing station staff It will be an overwhelming burden,

In response to the interview, the JR Oita branch office said “I would like to share the content of the request with the head office.”

On the 12th of this month, the organization held a meeting to oppose the unmanned stations and gratify revived service “JR has abandoned the responsibility as public transport that everyone can use with confidence” as About 200 people gathered.

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