Miyagi Hospital Creates ‘wheelchair only’ Parking Spaces

From The Mainichi Shimbun

January 16th 2018

Kesennuma municipal hospital (Akaiwasuginosawa city) which relocated to a new site in October last year created a parking lot for disabled people and specifically wheelchair users ” I want you to be able to use it, “the voice of the request is rising. In response to this voice, the hospital is planning to improve accessibility for disabled people.

There are 468 parking lots for visitors for general use, and for disabled people, there are 7 cars near the entrance (two of which are exclusively for welfare taxis). The roof which is not in the general parking lot is installed to the entrance so that it can avoid rain and snow when getting on and off. A parking lot mark for people with disabilities, which indicates that people with disabilities can be used, is marked on the surface of the road, but on the display board it is posted as “wheelchair only”.

According to the hospital, the parking lot for the disabled is limited to wheelchair users from the beginning of the new hospital. “I secured a place for a wheelchair who is difficult to get on and off the car,” but he says that visitors are asking for use outside the wheelchair from visitors. Some say that some people with disabilities appeared standing, walking from the parking lot in the snow, and having thought that they had a hard feeling.

“Consideration for Others” The person in charge at the hospital explains, “We will review the way parking lots are to be used in the future and also consider wheelchairs users.”

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