30% of Chiba Hotels Unsure about Accommodating Disabled Guests

From NHK

13th January 2018

As the Tokyo Paralympic Games will be held in two years, in a survey of the hotels and inns in Chiba prefecture was conducted and shows a negative attitude towards disabled people, with 30% places surveyed of the facility unsure how to accommodate disabled people.

This survey was conducted by hotels and hotels in Chiba Prefecture, organized by groups organized in more than 300 locations in the prefecture, and 81 facilities responded.

According to the survey, when asked the policy for accommodation of people with disabilities, while more than 60% of respondents said that they would “accept”, “I would like to propose they go to other facilities if possible,” or “It is difficult to accept” There was also 30% of the facilities that showed passive attitude as a result.

In addition, for guests who use wheelchairs, the rooms that take into consideration such as taking in the doorway of the room, the width of the door of the bathroom enough, losing the level difference in the room, etc., the total of 6335 rooms Of the total, 205 rooms and 3% of the total stayed.

Director Michiru Kiyomi of the Chiba Prefectural Inn Ryokan Hotel Living Sanitation Association, who conducted the survey said, “Since preparing furniture and employees will only provide assistance, the scope of acceptance spreads, so guidance on concrete know-how I want to proceed with it. “

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