‪Relatives of disabled person in Hyogo Prefecture indicted for keeping family member in a ‘cage’ ‬

Written with extracts from The Asahi Shimbun

April 28th 2018

HYOGO Prefecture – The social welfare council met On 28th April to discuss a case in Mita City, Hyogo Prefecture, and one was charged for confining a relative in a cage. Five years ago, a woman from a family member of the defendant announced that he found a record consulted with the city councilor.

According to the city and the municipal cooperative that saw the same day, there were two consultation records of August 2013 in the system of the municipal cooperative. On February 2, a woman called a municipal disabled person’s life support center, and on the same day the woman visited the center and said that the city councilor corresponded.

According to the same 5th date record, the counselor confirmed the presence of the first son’s disabled person’s notebook to the city. The woman who consulted the welfare facility entrance was told that the facility information and, if there is hope, a visit to the parties’ residence is also possible. The woman said that he consulted the parents of the parties.

The municipal health and welfare department said at the press conference that what was left was “a record of city consolation, not city,” and “It was inevitable to comprehensively deal with the city council cooperation, not the urgency,”

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